HUMISTORE is a French company on a human scale. Our sales department, located in the Paris region, is at your disposal for any further enquiries. Our factory is based in Luë in the south west of France.

We manufacture our standard and tailor-made desiccant bags using automated bagging machines and thermal welders.

We purchase the desiccants directly from the manufacturer (mainly in France, Germany and China) which allows us to have high-quality products at competitive prices.

Tel: +33 (0) 6 65 04 02 75

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For more than 10 years, HUMISTORE works with companies to provide the best solution to effectively combat all moisture problems. We manufacture nonwoven desiccant bags and we sell in bulk the following products:

- Food or colored silica gel
- Molecular sieves 3A / 4A / 10A
- Bentonite clay
- Calcium / magnesium chlorides

Our standard or customized desiccant bags of all sizes can vary from 1 g to 1 kg to meet the expectations of our professional and private customers.


Our customers are mainly SMEs and large industrial companies. Our products based on clay, silica gel and molecular sieves can be used in a wide range of applications :

- Automotive and Aeronautical Industry
- Nuclear and military industry
- Pharmaceutical industry
- Storage and transport of goods
- Storage and transport of raw materials
- Oxygen production and desiccator
- Petrochemicals, mastic and concrete
- Refrigeration and drying of compressed air
- Drying of seeds
- Civil engineering, etc.

On request, we put our industrial know-how to certain customers to manufacture specific products.